Sunday, July 27, 2014

Walk This Way

Sometimes positive life changes happen so fast that I find it a pleasant challenge to adapt to the new state of affairs. Within the last three months, I accepted a dream job at my workplace and finally worked the courage to move out of my old, antiquated apartment of last 19 years.

On surface, these changes seem like a trifle to worry about. I’m still working for the same company and my move only involved a cross-town migration: many people change companies, cities, and even industries with greater frequency. But adjustment is an adjustment, and sudden changes throw daily routines into a state of flux.

Thankfully, ideas and values from my new team at work and the recent World Domination Summit 2014 conference have helped me establish clarity of how I want to live. The awesome visionaries whom I see in the office expects each team member to “walk the talk”: that is to commit to doing—through our actions—what we say that we are going to do. When we commit to proactively communicating with our customers, we make that happen. We don’t just talk about them. When we emphasize using best practices, we lead by example.

Walking the talk also dovetails nicely with notable takeaways from WDS 2014. Many speakers, through their life experiences, imparted the message of making time for doing what matters the most to us. Spending time with friends who are important to us, devoting time to activities that nourish and sustains us, and making commitments to causes that are important to us were the messages from WDS.

Having intentionally downsized to a smaller (yet efficient) living space, Dee Williams' talk about intentional small living stuck a chord. Michael Hyatt's convincing presentation about making deliberate life chioces—leading a life of design—raised questions about which activities add, or don't add, value to my daily living.

These talks and enlightening conversations with fellow attendee friends started my questioning of my daily acts with "Is what I'm doing right now a priority to me?" When I'm tempted to stay up late on week nights web surfing instead of getting ample sleep, I ask myself what is more important to me—being fully present and at peak physical and mental shape when I work with awesome teammates at work, or seeking immediate gratification of being entertained on the Internet? What is a greater priority between following through on a scheduled evening workout, or hitting a brewpub after a day of straining brain cells at the office? What do I choose? Presenter John Jantsch's imploring us to "make good choices" reinforced my daily questionings.

I've absorbed lessons from WDS 2014 and integrated them with how my team's core mission. I've done a decent job so far of walking the talk in my professional and personal spheres, and new insights that I gained earlier this month offers opportunities for me to question what matters to me. Keeping these questions in my consciousness is my new challenge: they will help me gain clarity during my exhilarating state of flux and life changes.

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  1. Exhilarating! Yes! :-) We can help remind each other of these lessons & insights, friend! <3 Happy Birthday! :-)