Sunday, May 19, 2013

Caveats About Makers and Haters

I recently posted about strategies for promoting a culture of inclusivity, connectedness, and knowledge sharing. Those are the values which I espouse and live every day. However, I left out a big caveat about living these values: not everyone appreciates them.

There are people out there who prey on the generosity of others. They come in forms of takers, power-obsessed sycophants, backstabbers, and those who exhibit other undesirable behaviors. They inevitably come with baggage and drama. These people are not your target audience for the knowledge and generosity that you have to offer.

Imagine yourself investing your time, energy, and emotions sharing your precious ideas and actions with best intentions: you're making things happen that will benefit others in your communities. You spend countless hours honing your skills and applying your knowledge into exemplary products. You share these efforts only to discover that your work is being undermined, sabotaged, and discredited. Who you thought was part of your tribe perpetrates drama and shows patterns of jealousy. They will do things within their power to bring you down.

When unsure about whether someone is abusing your goodwill and trust, let them go. Just walk away from them. Don't feed the trolls. Some of them will eventually change their views and attitudes, and may be worthy of reaching out to in the future. If that happens, it's a bonus! But some people are so deep in their own shit that they are utterly clueless (and usually useless to you). They may have some deeply-ingrained issues that are simply not your problems. Why try to force a VHS video cassette to work in a Betamax machine?

You are already functioning highly within your communities. You have many talented and inspirational expert friends in your circles, and you regret not spending time with them more frequently. Why would you want to sabotage your time dealing with energy vampires? If some folks have values and actions that are incompatible with your own personal brand, let them go.

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  1. Don't forget poachers, those who steal your ideas and pass them off as their own! I've met far too many.