Monday, April 22, 2013

The Jealous Games I Don't Play

I've progressed greatly in my personal and professional growth over the past year. Despite few setbacks and frustrations, I've laid down the foundation for my learning activities and strategies for reaching professional goals. I've identified my personal brand, value proposition, and strengths. I've forged meaningful connections with experts in various fields, got involved in rewarding collaborations, and made several small bets which turned into solid wins. I've learned whose opinions and advices matter, and started not giving a damn about opinions of certain people. Following the focused path is paying off--others have noticed my penchant for lifelong learning, sharing information with enthusiasm, community-building, and transforming unthankful tasks into opportunities where my talents shine through.

Although there are obstacles on my road to awesome, I've noticed an absence of a certain roadblock which used to delay my journey: I have not felt jealousy in a very long time. Perhaps it's because I surround myself with inspiring highly-motivated people, stay hungry for learning opportunities, and realize that inertia won't magically grant me skills and knowledge. I simply don't have time for jealousy.

When I interact with my exceptional peers and learn about my new connects, I recognize the knowledge and experience that they possess. I realize that nothing was ever handed to them on platinum platters: these do-ers put in focused hours, make sacrifices, and motivate me by their bias towards action. When these awesome folks succeed, I'm genuinely happy. Their triumphs make me contemplate what is possible: opportunities which appear after putting in exceptional work, forums for daring and sharing greatly, and realization that I have more control over my own goals, happiness, and destiny than I thought was possible. Their wins are my wins. Their success stories are filed in my mental treasure house of memories. Their ambitions and accomplishments make me hungry.

It's all about the company that I choose to roll with, and I'm not down with the jealousy crew. How can I expect to grow and learn when I'm surrounded by naysayers and haters who constantly perpetuate a toxic culture of jealousy, and consistently tell me what I can't do? The possibilities are astounding when I disassociate myself from those folks and that line of thinking: instead of spending time mired in jealousy and expecting entitlement, I'm more interested in exploring the things that are within my reach--building relationships with influential people, pursuing learning opportunities, sharing knowledge, and enhancing my game. And jealousy has no place in my vision for the future.

Many of my past successes happened after putting in hours of focused effort, not after sitting on my ass and grumbling about how unfair life was. Jealousy didn't get me consistently respectable 5k running race results, successful certification exam scores, friendships with like-minded peers, an opportunity to meet one of my favorite musicians after winning a remix contest, or chances to give presentations as a credible subject matter expert in front of few hundred people. I've got a better game and I'm making things happen.

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