Monday, February 25, 2013

The Power of Bullshit!

This blog post isn't about being an imposter, lacking substance, or believing in farce. The post isn't about the act of bullshitting (which includes fronting, masquerading, and faking, among other things) either.

"Bullshit!", as an emphatic interjection, is often rhythmically chanted at sporting venues after an official makes a controversial ruling which majority of the attendees vehemently disagree with. It also happens to be a powerful word that I've successfully used to put a stop to making excuses.

Improving my state of fitness is one of my everyday goals which I am diligently pursuing. But I often feel indifferent towards engaging in a workout session after a taxing workday. When these thoughts of apathy and cravings for inertia kick in, I immediately call "Bullshit!" and make the trek to the gym. During the weekends, I sometimes find myself dragging ass and procrastinating even though I have learning or fitness goals to accomplish. When I start spending more time pondering what course of action to take next instead of taking action steps, I call "Bullshit!" Whenever I let the dishes pile up in my kitchen and find myself speculating the time it would take to get the dishes washed instead of acting upon them, I rely on the power of "Bullshit!" to get myself into action.

Learning how to say "Bullshit!" is a great way to put a stop to excuses and halt the train of thought which derails the pursuit of my strategic goals. It's amazing how much time I can waste on trying to decide on a course of action, and then feel paralyzed by over-analyzing. The power of "Bullshit!" stops the waffling in its tracks.

Without "Bullshit!" my excuses beget more excuses, which in turn begets even more excuses. The "I don't want to exercise after work because I need to study" is followed few hours later by "I don't want to study because I'm mentally tired." The avoidance proses begin writing their own chapters without "Bullshit!" and as a result, very little gets done. Without "Bullshit!" all of my excuses turn into self-limiting beliefs or even lies about my potential (such as "I can't ever establish a workout habit that sticks," or "I don't have the motivation or the skills to blog on a weekly basis."). I often call "Bullshit!" on my lazy thought processes (like "I need to be sitting in front of a computer to compose a proper blog post," to which I respond, "Bullshit!"--I wrote over 90 percent of this article while on the bus, with my mobile devices).

I recently encountered an interesting article about an empowering one-word concept. Author Jon Gordon, in his book, "One Word That Will Change Your Life," discusses the power of having a transformative one-word for motivating one towards her or his North Star. My one word is used for putting my excuses and pleas for inaction where the sun doesn't shine.

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