Sunday, October 9, 2011

Infesting the Manifesto

Hello world.

It feels good to rejoin the millions of other writers, thinkers, and do-ers of the world who have web presences. The World Wide Web is a great vehicle for me to better understand myself and the world around me, as well as share ideas.

Unlike the scope of the past writing attempts (personal web page, a long-abandoned LiveJournal account, and ad-hoc random acts of thoughtful communication), I have felt for awhile a strong urge to write about the things which make me think, react, and inspire. These smidgens of inspirations can be anything from a slice of everyday life, past events, anecdotes, images, or even things which I haven't thought about before. I pondered for weeks about the contents and the format of the blog, and ruminated about whether this blog would be about taking steps to achieve extraordinary moments, reflecting upon the everyday life, or taking inventory of people and ideas which inspire me. For awhile, I was even obsessed with the naming of this site (among the nixed titles were "From Good To Great" and "Life of a Common Person"). Thinking about thinking about starting a blog reached a point where I was experiencing paralysis by over-analysis. So I said, "Screw it!", and decided to create Le Blog de Meaux. To quote the sagely Def Leppard, it was time for "Action! Not Words" (yes, I recognize the irony of springing into action by generating a website which contain a plethora of words).

So here it is. Le Blog de Meaux is going to be a living, breathing collection of my writings and thoughts which encompass, but are not limited, to the following: anecdotes of everyday living, significant life events, travel-inspired ruminations, mind dumps, learning moments, small victories, monumental triumphs, humbling setbacks, noteworthy culinary experiments, remarkable musical discoveries, inspirational reading materials, notable people, cultural analyses, and any other nuggets of information which I deem to be worthy of committing onto a blog format. There will be blog entries about everyday observations and discoveries, as well as grand, insane ideas which drive and inspire me. I have no idea what this site will look like three months or a year from now, but I don't think that's the point right now.